Compassion International

Compassion International believes that the most effective way to address poverty is through the education, training and discipleship of children. Childhood is the time when the most significant life changes can be made and positive patterns developed. Children are like wet cement that can be shaped and formed in these early years. As they grow, they “solidify” to become all God intended them to be.
Since 1952, the core of Compassion International’s ministry has been to introduce children to Jesus Christ — to provide them with hope. We believe that when Jesus said “Let the children come to me …” He knew that all we have to do is make a way. Children will naturally come to Jesus, if we don’t hinder them.
The Bible is filled with stories about how God uses children; from a young boy who slew a giant named Goliath to a young man who shared his fish and bread with 5,000 hungry people. Children are a vital part of God’s kingdom.
Many people believe children are our future. Compassion believes in the worth of children today. Today is the time to tell children about Jesus and start shaping their lives.

For just $38 per month, you can have a life-changing impact on a child who needs Jesus Christ. Through your letters, you can show them how special they are in God’s eyes and help them break out of the fatalism of poverty

To sponsor a child, just click on the banner below.  If you have any questions, Cory Martin is a volunteer Advocate for Compassion in our church.