Sunday November 6, 2022 Bulletin

              Welcome and Thank You
     for Coming to Worship with us Today

Worship Through Song        Speak O Lord
                                           Behold Our God             
                                           I Love You Lord
Worship Through Song     Jesus Died For Me 
                                       The Family Prayer Song

Children’s Church
Preaching of The Word
                             Pastor Mike Sechler
                                     John 7
                               Fight at the Feast
Worship Through Song    Walking Free
                                        Grace Wins

   Nursery Services today are
                      provided by Michelle and on the13th by Lisa

 Welcome to our Youth Group on Wednesday November 9th. We will start at 6:30 PM with dinner, and follow that great meal with fellowship, fun, and a special time with Pastor Mike

Pray for our Missionaries

Craig and Geraldine – Craig uses his talents in strength and conditioning to reach athletes and coaches worldwide, working with people in various countries around the world. Geraldine has a ministry which reaches out to Christian and non-Christian women through the “Women of Focus Worldwide”. Their three children are Grace, Caleb, and Deborah. Please pray for Craig as he ministers to athletes and for Geraldine in her radio ministry which has been reaching even prison inmates. Pray for their children to continue growing in faithfulness to God. In their most recent newsletter, they ask for prayer for the coaches and athletes that Craig works with as well as for the growth of Geraldine’s Hispanic ministry in the United States.   You can become a prayer partner by sending a message to Craig or Geraldine at and 

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