Helping Ministry

If you are a member of this community and have fallen on hard times, we invite you to apply for assistance from our Helping Ministry. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Live in one of the communities served by this church, or rural areas thereof: Oakland, Lyons, Craig, Tekamah, Bancroft, Decatur, Uehling.
  • Repeat requests are allowed monthly, but the “repeat application” must be filled out for each request.
  • Assistance is based on availability of funds. There is no guarantee that we can help.
  • A coaching call of up to 30 minutes is required for each request. The coaching topic is not limited to the problem at hand and is intended as an additional benefit of our Helping Ministry.
  • Gasoline vouchers are usually available and do not require an application. Fill out this contact form if interested.
  • You do not need to be a member or attender of this church, but we invite you to visit!

You may either download the application or you can fill out an online application, which will ask you all of the same questions as the application forms.

For downloads: On a laptop – click on the button to open the Google Doc. Then click File>Download>chosen format (e.g. doc or pdf). On a smartphone – click on the button to open the Google Doc. Then click dropdown in upper right corner, select Share & Export, and download the document using “Save As”.

You can fill out the document electronically and email it to Cory Martin at or print the document and turn it in at the church office Tuesdays or Fridays from 9-4.