Helping Ministry

Everyone falls on hard financial times now and then, which is why an important part of our mission is the Helping Ministry. If you live in the area served by Oakland Evangelical Free Church (All of Burt County, Bancroft, Uehling, and West Point) then you are eligible to apply for assistance. Here’s how it works:

  • The Benevolence Fund is a means of connecting the disconnected in our community to Jesus Christ. In addition to providing financial assistance, we also seek to provide coaching and counseling to help applicants find wholeness. We encourage our applicants to find community in the local church.
  • If you have never applied for assistance before, you can apply online here, or download and print the form here.
  • If you have applied in the past, and your situation has not significantly changed, you can apply online here, or download and print the form here.
  • If you choose to download and print the form, you can turn it in at the church office on Tuesdays from 9 to 4 (typically) or Fridays from 9 to 4 (typically) or Sunday mornings before, after, or between services. Please call the church office at 402-685-6292 to verify that the church is open.
  • If you apply online, be aware that your online application is available only to the Helping Ministry Pastor, and that your answers are confidential.
  • Within a week, the Helping Ministry Pastor will review your application and will schedule a 30-minute coaching call to clarify the application and determine what help is needed. This call is intended to provide benefit beyond the financial assistance provided.
  • The usual award is limited to $200. Checks can only be made out to utilities, landlords, or other payees, but never directly to the applicant.
  • Awards above $200 can be made in exceptional situations, but require additional approvals.
  • The check is generally available within 5 days of the coaching call.
  • You may apply once per month. Chronic situations will be examined more carefully.
  • Gasoline vouchers ($25) are available on request. An application is not necessary. These are limited to one per month, and chronic need will be examined more carefully.
  • Assistance in any form depends on funds to be available in the Helping Ministry fund. No guarantee is made.