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We are open every other Tuesday from 1-3pm. For updates and other news, see our Facebook Page.


The Oakland Food Pantry is a privately run non-profit organization. The Oakland Food Pantry reserves the right to determine who receives food and how often the Pantry may be utilized . The use of the Pantry is a privilege not a right.

The Oakland Food Pantry is accepting only residents of Oakland and those residing within a 10-mile radius. If you live outside of this radius you may request assistance finding your local community resources. Questions regarding you, your family, your household members and needs will be asked to determine your eligibility to use the Oakland Food Pantry. If there is any change in the information provided on the intake form, please notify the Pantry immediately.

All information given will be held in the strictest of confidence. Many statistics are used to help to keep the Pantry well stocked. Only percentages and numbers are used. We never use names for these purposes.

Distribution times are available as posted on the Pantry Calendar. Days and times may change without notice in the event of an emergency. Please remember, if school is closed due to weather, we are too. If you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment outside of normal pantry hours, please call the Oakland Food Pantry at 402-429-1577 (Manager Kim).

Remember, the food you receive is supplemental. If you find that you are relying on the Oakland Food Pantry for all your food needs, please let us know. We may be able to direct you to other sources for help.

Remember to take only what you need. Pantry staff volunteers are not always available or able to help bring food to your vehicle so please take only what you can handle or bring assistance with you.

The re-sale or exchange in any way of any food or item received from the Oakland Food Pantry is strictly prohibited.

One pantry visit can be made every 14 days. We cannot make appointments any sooner than the required 14 days.

The Oakland Food Pantry is an equal opportunity provider.

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