Small Groups

We encourage all of our members and attenders to become an active part of a discipling relationship. One way to reach this goal is by getting involved in a small group.

If you are looking for a small group, or are interested in starting one, just contact us to get started.

Our primary type of small group is a Life Group. A Life Group is intentional about addressing the head, heart, and hands of its members.

A Life Group intentionally disciples its members in three areas:

  • Learning to follow Jesus
  • Using a Bible Study or Topical Study appropriate for the group
  • Sharing insights with other Group Members
  • Being changed by Jesus into His likeness at the heart level
  • Using prayer, presence, and active listening
  • Sharing real needs and praying together over them
  • Committing to Jesus’ mission to save people from their sins
  • Using acts of kindness and service to others
  • Sharing together in one service project during the group’s term