Craig and Geraldine

Pray for our Missionaries
Craig and Geraldine – Craig uses
his talents in strength and
conditioning to reach athletes and
coaches worldwide, working with
people in various countries around
the world. Geraldine has a ministry
which reaches out to Christian and
non-Christian women through the
“Women of Focus Worldwide”. Their three children are Grace, Caleb, and Deborah.
Please pray for Craig as he ministers to athletes and for Geraldine in her radio ministry
which has been reaching even prison inmates. Pray for their children to continue
growing in faithfulness to God. Please pray for Craig and Geraldine and their family as
they move in to a restricted nation. Pray for their health and safety as they find a place
to live. They also ask that we pray for the people of this nation, that God will open their
eyes to Christ.