Levi and Stephanie

Pray for our Missionaries
Levi and Stephanie minister with Life in Messiah, an organization that reaches out to
people of Jewish heritage both in the United States and in Israel. Recruiting new
workers and leading short-term missions teams has been the focus of the Hazens’
ministry, as well as ministering to individual people and raising funds to grow the
ministry. Their son is named Salem. In their most recent newsletter, the Hazens ask for
continued prayers for their friend Aviva and her husband, who are continuing to seek
truth and study the New Testament. They also ask for prayers for other Jewish people
they are reaching out to, both in the United States and Israel, for the seeds of the
Gospel planted in the Passover season, and for the TOV podcast Levi hosts. Finally,
pray for their upcoming trips to Israel and Poland this summer.
To learn more about Life in Messiah, visit
their website at www.lifeinmessiah.org